This site contains information on my work as an academic general practitioner (GP).

Academic general practice is a relatively new discipline. Its aims are to find and evaluate new evidence that is applicable for use in a primary care domain. This care setting is distinguished from hospital care in two important aspects. First, signs and symptoms are commonly presented in an early phase making it more difficult to differentiate common relatively mild disorders from serious sometimes life-threatening diseases. Second, the spectrum of possible diseases is by definition non-selected, and overall the prior probability of a serious disease is low. Consequently, the differential diagnsosis of many commonly presented complaints is broad and heterogeneous, containing both mild disorders but also serious diseases. Moreover, primary care is increasingly confronted with multi-morbidity that subsequently also influences the diagnostic accuracy measures of tests and biomarkers, but also influences treatment options.  

All this has important implications for research, and helpful evidence generated in secondary or even tertiary care may in fact be less helpful in primary care, or even offers no help at all. Thus, this calls for primary care based studies, which is the goal of academic general practice.

As such, academic general practice truly finds itself at the cross-roads of medicine; cross-roads between basic laboratory research and clinical applications at the point-of-care; but also for patients 'travelling' between primary and secondary care, and vice versa. 

Berlin Potsdamer Platz, visited at ISTH conference Berlin 2017

I combine clinical work as a GP in an inner-city practice in Amsterdam with research activities at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, at the Utrecht University, the Netherlands. 

The content of this site will provide an overview of my clinical, and notably, my research activities.

Contact information

Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care

Universiteitsweg 100

3584 CG Utrecht, the Netherlands

Geert-Jan Geersing, MD PhD General Practitioner

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